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POC welcomes new members who share our enthusiasm for and love of dogs. You don't have to compete in obedience — though many of our members do. Our members also enjoy agility, flyball, tracking and scentwork, dock diving, conformation showing, herding, and pet-assisted therapy — as well as long walks on the beach and kicking back with pizza and a movie.

Active members are expected to attend a minimum number of club meetings and to participate in club events.

Download the POC Membership Application here.

NEW! We now have a new editable version of the Membership Application that you can fill out on the computer. Be sure to save the form after you fill it out, and then print and mail it or send it via email to Kathleen (contact info below).

For more information about joining POC, contact Kathleen Lyons, POC Corresponding Secretary, or use the handy form below.

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