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Member Profile: Linda McKinnon

Joined POC in 1977

Dogs, Names and Breeds: Have had in the following order: Titan (Cocker Spaniel Mix), Vegeatius (Collie), Sandwynn's Euriad Diafol "Stubbs" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), Tashua (Keeshond), Sandwynn's Queen Of Hearts CGC CDX RE NA NAJ NAP NJP "Keeley" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), CH Wynnmoor's Fire Spirit CGC RE "Korigan" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), Wynnmoor's Own My Own CGC "Kenta" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), UCD Wynnmoor's Cadi Of Sandwynn CGC CDX RE NAP NJP AX MXJ "Cadi" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), Wynnmoor's Wizard Of Oz CGC CD RE NAP NJP RL1 RL1 AOE RL2 AOE ARCH "Ozzie" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and several co-owned dogs that I bred.

In her own words: I have always loved animals and that's why I went to school at UNH to get my BS in Animal Sciences. I joined POC just after I graduated college and have loved the experience and people that this club brings together. I became an instructor 3 years ago for POC and have loved this experience. After my children were in high school I became more involved in training and competing with my dogs as well as breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgi's for 10 years. I've competed in conformation, AKC and UKC obedience, AKC rally and agility and have even tried out tracking and herding. My remaining dog at this moment is Ozzie who due to a disc rupture is in wheels. We have recently started competing in APDT rally with great success and are working now as well in scentwork. Both these venues allow him to compete in his wheels and he is so happy to be playing the game again. I even use him as my demo dog in classes I teach at POC. I hope to show with Ozzie that even though he is disabled he still has the heart and drive to compete if given that chance and convey to my students that if we can do it as a team, so can they. I still marvel at his attitude everyday and am blessed to have such a loving companion to share my journey with.

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